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Are you 100% set up on Google Analytics 4?

Make the most of the latest analytical tools to support your acquisition strategy.

In recent years user journeys have become more complex whilst our capacity to track their on site behaviour has depreciated. One thing that has not changed is how important it is for everyone in ecommerce to understand online behaviour to drive strong acquisition strategies and support growth.

The bridge between these two challenges is also changing as Google sunsets Universal Analytics and puts the spotlight on GA4.


RIP Universal Analytics

the time frame

If you are reading this, you have probably been using Universal Analytics for years now. So why is it necessary to get ready for Google Analytics 4 now? And what should we expect from it?

The digital landscape and its regulations have drastically changed over the past few years. Universal Analytics is the go-to, free to use analytics solution for most websites. However it is not fit for purpose any more.


From January 2023, standard Universal Analytics properties started to receive less and less data until the final stop in July 2023. Your UA data will remain available (read-only) until the end of 2023.


From July 1st 2023 however, only Google Analytics 4 has been able to collect and store data.

Failure to migrate by this date will cost you your ability to analyse your regular website and utilise your acquisition KPIs.

Why Google Analytics 4?

GA4 is a radical change in the way we process analytics data :


  • Event-based data (instead of session-based) which provides flexibility and accuracy,

  • The ability to reconcile cross-devices and cross-browsers data with matching key (client ID) to better understand each acquisition channel’s contribution.

  • Introduces privacy controls such as cookieless measurement, as well as behavioural and conversion modelling (machine-learning models to analyse user behaviour and fill in gaps created by cookie deprecation),

  • Improved connectivity with other tools like Big Query and Google ads that will allow the creation and connection of more precise, behaviour-based audiences.

  • Customising tool to answer precisely what your business needs and analyse more precisely. 

  • New dimensions and metrics will appear in your reports, explorations, and in the audience segment builders (like engaged sessions for instance).

GA4 has great user behaviour data analytical potential, however, its implementation is more intricate than Universal Analytics and does not leave room for error (causing a risk of untracked data).

We can help you to implement this new Analytics tool easily and support your handling.


Start setting up GA4 as quickly as possible to benefit from the enhanced functionalities and more accurate data and avoid flying blind.


Reach out to us today and get your tracking and data back on track.

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