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As we dive into 2024, there's no shortage of exciting developments and trends in the worlds of e-commerce & media. Let's catch you up on the latest and provide some insights to make February a standout month for your ecommerce brand.

Here's what we'll be delving into in today's newsletter:

⚖️ Are You Consent Mode V2 Ready?

💌📢 Google & Yahoo Email Changes You Can't Ignore!

📈 Unlocking the Secret to Rapid Follower Growth!

💗 Love Is In The Air: A few V Day Ad tips  

🚀 Leveraging Split Screen Assets: Maximising Impact in Paid Social Ads

Are You Consent Mode V2 Ready?

What is it? Consent Mode v2 is the updated mechanism by Google that allows businesses to adjust the functionality of Google tags based on user consent for ads and analytics cookies. This ensures that tracking for advertising campaigns occurs only with user consent, as signalled through Consent Mode v2. Google describes it as a mechanism that allows websites to gather data on website conversions while respecting user privacy settings. Unlike the previous version, Consent Mode v2 is a more advanced version that requires explicit user consent for cookies and data usage – particularly for personalised ads and analytics.

What happens if you don’t implement it? Without Consent Mode v2, no data about new EEA users will be captured by your advertising platforms, like Google Ads, and GA4, after March 2024. Therefore, without Consent Mode v2, your measurement and reporting, audience list, and ability to do remarketing in the EEA will be nearly pointless. Your bidding algorithms will run on inaccurate and incomplete data, leading to less effective budget spending.

What do advertisers need to do about it? Proactively review and update data collection and marketing practices to align with the revised DMA consent regulations. Act fast—implementation needs to be in place by March 6th! 🚨

Need help getting ready? We've got you covered! Get in touch with us.

Google & Yahoo Email Changes You Can't Ignore!

Buckle up for a major update on Google & Yahoo that's a game-changer and deserves your full attention.

What's the Buzz? Google and Yahoo recently announced they're implementing new email authentication requirements for all email senders, effective February 2024, to improve deliverability and prevent spam. These changes are being made in a continuing effort to protect their users against fraudulent messages, such as scams and phishing attempts, and will prevent any emails sent from unauthenticated email addresses from reaching the recipient’s inbox.

Why can't you ignore it? To keep your emails in the inbox, adhering to email authentication and spam prevention best practices is non-negotiable.

Who's in the hot seat? Everyone, especially bulk senders.

Ready to roll? Secure your spot in the inbox by setting up a branded sending domain (aka a dedicated sending domain). This ensures your emails look like they're coming straight from your brand, not from your third-party email marketing platform like Klaviyo or MailChimp. 

There are 3 main requirements that Google & Yahoo are asking senders to meet:

  1. Set up DMARC authentication for your sending domain

  2. Align your “From:” header with your domain

  3. Make unsubscribing easier and clearer

Need a hand in this email maze? We've got your back! Reach out, and let's tackle this together.

Unlocking the Secret to Rapid Follower Growth!

Are you ready to turbocharge your follower count and make waves in the social media sphere?

We've got thrilling news to share!

Eclo, the regenerative beauty brand , recently leveraged a new Meta campaign objective to optimise Instagram profile visits. Our strategy? Offering users the chance to win a year of free makeup by following Eclo's account.

The outcome? Over 2,000 new followers in record time! But it's not just about numbers — we're fostering genuine connections and community around Eclo's mission.  Additionally, through a campaign retargeting recent Eclo followers, we achieved a strong ROAS too. 

Love Is In The Air: A few V Day Ad tips

Love is in the air, and so is the opportunity to make your brand shine this Valentine's Day! Whether your customers are celebrating with a significant other or embracing the single life, we've got some sweet tips to make your paid social campaigns stand out.

❌ Avoid forcing the Valentine's angle: If your product/service doesn't fit, don't force it.

❌ Budget-friendly creatives: Add seasonal twists to existing  top-performing creatives without breaking the bank.

💗 Contrast and clarity: Use suitable background colours, clear messaging, and readable text.

💗 Go broad or go home: Expand your targeting horizons! Valentine's Day isn't just about gifts for men ; consider women as decision influencers in the buying process.

💗 Couple’s fashion: Highlight products that can be enjoyed as a pair, whether it's matching outfits, accessories, or complementary items. 

💗 Singles Awareness Day: Valentine's Day isn't only for couples! Appeal to the singles market with thoughtful and inclusive messaging.

Leveraging Split Screen Assets: Maximising Impact in Paid Social Ads 🚀

Don't underestimate the transformative power of split screen assets! Ever find it challenging to convey the true essence and scale of your jewellery items in standalone shots? You're not alone. That's where the magic of split screen assets comes in.

Placing a packshot on one side and a worn item or lifestyle photo on the other provides customers with a clear reference point. It's like offering them a firsthand experience, helping them understand the size and proportions of your jewellery in real-world settings.

Our friends at Simone à Bordeaux, a French jewellery brand, decided to embrace the power of split screen assets, and the results were outstanding! They witnessed an 15% increase in CTR after introducing this visual approach.

Keep these trends in mind as you navigate through the evolving landscape of digital marketing in Q1 2024. Here's to staying ahead of the curve and achieving your objectives. 🚀✨

And, as always, do not hesitate to reach out would you have any question on the above or any other related topic. We're here to help!


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