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Let's dive in! 🤿

What we'll be delving into in this newsletter:

📈 Meta Takes the Lead Again 🌟

🟩 The Power of Green Screen Videos in Ad Success 📽️

❄️ Navigating the Winter Gap: Identify key trends to be aligned with 🔎

🎥 Embrace Cross-Platform Strategies and YouTube Integration 🌐

📈 Meta Takes the Lead Again 🌟

Who said Meta was dead? Meta's Ad Revenue saw a massive 24% jump in Q4, along with a 21% increase in Ad Impressions YoY. The company exceeded expectations, driving a 25% YoY growth in total revenue. Daily active users also soared by 8% YoY, reaching a whopping 3.19 billion in December 2023. Plus, Fospha's State of eCommerce report highlighted Meta as a top choice for eCommerce brands, showcasing its stellar performance.

At NextMomentum, we're excited to report that we've observed a similar trend. Our clients experienced an average increase of +85% in REACH and +89% in REVENUE  during Q4 2023, with their budgets seeing an average rise of +40% YoY.  Have questions about how to leverage these insights for your business? Reach out to our team today!

The Power of Green Screen Videos in Ad Success 📽️✨

Green screen – familiar, isn't it? It's a well-known filmmaking technique where a green background is used, allowing easy replacement with another image or video during post-production.

And guess what? This technique isn't just for the pros – YOU can easily incorporate it into your social media content. TikTok even has dedicated filters for it. 

Green Screen videos are a game-changer when it comes to grabbing attention. Faces and eyes work wonders in drawing viewers in, and the possibilities are virtually endless. Platforms like TikTok actively encourage creativity, so why not give it a try? Our client, La Rosée, experienced tremendous success with a fun and engaging video that effectively drove conversions. 

Pro tip: Start by using TikTok filters for easy video creation, then share your content across platforms like Meta to maximise the impact.

Navigating the Winter Gap: Identify key trends ❄️📈

Learn how to make the most of the winter months by aligning with trending topics and seasonal themes. Explore Pinterest's 2024 trend predictions and use Pinterest tool to understand your audience over the seasons. 

Pinterest Trends provides insights into the most popular search terms and topics on the platform over specific periods. It's designed to help marketers understand what's currently capturing the interest of Pinterest users. 🤓

By analysing these trends, better align your digital strategy with what's currently popular or emerging!

It can also help you in Content inspiration, Keyword research or Competitor analysis 👀

Pro tip: Identify trends in your industry on Pinterest and apply them to your Meta, TikTok, Snapchat, Youtube campaigns… It can also feed your organic content!

Embrace Cross-Platform Strategies and YouTube Integration 🌐 🎥

Integrate YouTube into your Google Ads campaigns to see a significant impact on both awareness and revenue. One of our clients in a competitive sector saw impressive results by switching from a traditional search-Pmax-Brand strategy to a YouTube-Brand strategy. Since its launch in November 2023, the results have been remarkable:

🔥 25% decrease in CPC

🔥 13% increase in conversions

🔥 50% decrease in CPA

In conclusion, YouTube offers a promising avenue for growth, provided the context and objectives align. You can also build very interesting synergies with Social channels. 📹 And here again, content is key: don’t forget about the hook rate 😉


And that's not all... EXCITING NM NEWS!

📦 Our London team is on the move! 🏢

We're packing up and relocating to a vibrant new office space in Holborn. Get ready for a fantastic environment complete with a secret garden, spacious breakout areas, and plenty of phone booths for uninterrupted client calls.

Come say hi?

Stay tuned for more updates and insights in our next newsletter!📧🔍


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