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As the year wraps up, we're raising a virtual toast to you! 🎉 In that time of celebration, we just wanted to shout out our thanks for a top-notch year working together. Looking forward to more wins, more growth, and plenty more good times ahead!

As we gear up to dive into the new year, we've gathered the best insights and resources right here. Ready or not, Q1, here we come! 🚀

Here's what we'll be delving into in today's newsletter:

🏅 From Wins to Vows: the best of Q4 highlights

🎄 Post-Christmas Action Plan: What Can You Do Right After the Festivities?

💶 Mastering Winter Sales Communication: Best Practices

🤓 Updates on NextMomentum's Services

🏆 LA ROSÉE: Winning the "Greatest Performance" Award in Our Innovative TikTok Campaign

WE’RE ENDING Q4 WITH A BANG 🔥 This year, our innovative campaign for LA ROSÉE has been recognised with the prestigious "Greatest Performance" award. 🏆This achievement is not just a win for us but a testament to the power of creative collaboration and forward-thinking strategies.

💸 Smartphone vs. Photoshoot: Unleashing the power of UGC‑style content.

Less can definitely be more. Why spend £2,500 on a photoshoot when you can simply snap a picture of your fridge with your smartphone? We ran a UGC style photo campaign with our client BrewDog, and the outcomes were remarkable.

The post gathered over 300 comments and achieved a ROAS of 7 in just 3 weeks.

Why did it work? People can easily relate to the concept of a stocked fridge, as it's a common household item. This relatability created an instant connection with our audience, and people shared their thoughts, memories, or experiences related to their fridge.

👀 Making Yoto front of mind for Black Friday and Christmas with Out Of Home

In a particularly noisy Q4 a key challenge is visibility… what better way to be visible than being everywhere, and big?

To do so, we crafted a 360-degree campaign for Yoto (an audiobook, music, activities, and radio player for kids penetrating the French market) in the buildup to the key gifting season. Addressing parents, we took over the Paris subway for maximum impact, but also targeted 7 regional cities with ads in the highest footfall malls.

To drive the message home and refine its repetition, we ran Connected TV on France’s N°1 channel, TF1, during their specialised programs targeting parents of kids. With this, we delivered a total of 207 million impressions on target, creating a significant impact just before the holidays.

💸 Unlocking success: Lead campaigns before Black Friday and the power of short-term rewards

We ran lead generation campaigns prior to Black Friday, encouraging individuals to sign up for an exclusive 25% discount available only to subscribers. In our most successful markets, we've witnessed a ROAS of up to 8. It's a common misconception that individuals who sign up through lead generation campaigns only convert over the long term.

However, this case serves as a testament that such campaigns are equally effective for driving short-term promotional offers.

When running such campaigns, ensure that you create a dedicated segment within your CRM linked to a specific form. This approach allows you to evaluate the performance of this particular audience more effectively.


Some advertisers tend to significantly lower budgets or even cut ads altogether. This can lead to a loss of learnings at the Meta level, which is why we do not recommend a complete cut. You can actively engage new prospects through lead campaigns or pursue upper-funnel objectives during this robust period (e.g., capitalising on traffic or add-to-carts).

The post-Christmas phase presents a genuine opportunity to leverage brand awareness and reinforce the upper funnel.

So, prepare for your campaigns accordingly!

Also, consider adapting your ads to the seasonality. For instance, shift from promoting gift ideas to communicating a curated product selection for winter. 

Then… Gear up for Winter Sales!

As the holidays wind down, it's time to plan for winter sales. What's on the agenda?

Share with us your list of January 2023 buyer audiences to create a lookalike audience for our prospecting campaigns.

Launch a Lead Generation campaign ahead of your sales to encourage newsletter sign-ups with a strong message: "Subscribe to our newsletter and be the first to know about our promotions!”

Start teasing your sales right after Christmas to stay in the minds of your customers.

Finally, push a reminder ad that will send a notification to your interested customers at the start of the sales.

No winter sales, no worries!

If you still have some Christmas gift sets or damaged (but usable) products, why not push them at a discounted price? However, you might notice a small decrease of performances during that time due to the competitive sales landscape  

Also… Did you know we can unlock your growth in more ways than one?

At NextMomentum we know that performance comes from an ecosystem of complementary components. Beyond your deep expertise in paid media strategy and activation, we can help you unlock growth through:

Tracking attribution: Facebook CAPI, Server side, DMA…If you have any doubt regarding your website tagging and performance tracking, feel free to reach us for a free audit!

CRM: Emailing is essential and complementary to search and social marketing as it can convince prospects to convert. We've witnessed high increases in revenue generated and marketing ROAS with all clients we've deployed automations and flows with. Do not hesitate to ask for case studies.

Offline media: Want to try TV? Print? Tube or bus commercials? We got you as NM also takes care of Out Of Home campaigns. Above is an example of Yoto!

UX: Want to improve your website but don’t know where to start? NM has experience in developing UX strategies and best practices across a variety of sectors.

CREATIVE, with NM Studio: We recognise that creatives play a pivotal role in boosting conversions. Whether you need optimisation, repurposing, or entirely new content, we've got you covered. Just send us your current assets and we'll handle the rest!


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