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One of France’s most iconic design furniture brands welcomed by a generation of customers who care about conscious manufacture, detail and quality.

In 2017, The Socialite Family launched their own decoration brand powered by their in-house design studio.


In Q4 2020, The Socialite Family partnered with us to bring their art de vivre to the next level and reach an audience of curated design lovers, with a passion for quality materials and high-standard production processes.


  • 2.3x increase in website visits

  • 2.6x increase in purchases

  • 2.8x increase in revenue



When a French cosmetic company unlocked the power of online marketing to reach their audience directly and drive both D2C & offline retail sales, and become the biggest success in French skincare.

La Rosée teamed up with us and we created powerful online campaigns to support the business’ ambitious growth in website purchases objectives, as well as drive general awareness to boost their offline retailer sales. We decided to implement our full-funnel marketing approach across Paid Social and Paid Search, making META work better than ever as well as building one of the most successful French business case on TikTok. We wanted to capture the attention of an audience with interests such as natural beauty and organic skincare.


  • 15x increase in yearly generated revenue in just 4 years

  • ROI > 5

  • META contribution to revenue up 70% in 2023

  • TikTok driving amazing results

And we’re still going strong this year with new growth opportunities and unlocking ever better performance metrics !



Mismatched designs & perfectly paired sneakers, eco-responsibly produced in Portugal with recycled materials. High in standard, low in carbon footprint.

By carefully optimising CAVAL’s customer acquisition campaigns across Paid Social and Paid Search, we successfully captured the attention of a new generation of customers, looking for quality and original footwear.


  • 36% increase in website conversion rate

  • 3x increase in purchases

  • 2.7x increase in revenue

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